Listing Your Business in The Green Roof Directory

Before You Begin

Although not compulsory, we strongly recommend that you create a free account before submitting any listings as this will allow you to return at a future date and easily amend your listing details should you wish. You can register through the ‘Login / Register’ text at the top right of the page, just below the main menu bar.

Choosing a Listing Package

Go to the ‘Submit Listing’ page and select which package you wish to purchase. In essence, you can pick between having a basic listing in a single category or in up to four categories, or an enhanced listing in a single category or in up to four categories.

Basic Listings

These allow both a concise and detailed description of your organisation, address and contact details plus a link to your website.

Enhanced Listings

As well as elements in the Basic Package, Enhanced Listings allow;

  • Your logo and up to three photos to be added to your listing,
  • a Google map added to the bottom of your listing which shows your location [ for best results just put your postcode in the space provided on the listing submission page ],
  • will be marked as a Featured Listing and appear at above  standard listings in Category sections and in Search results. Also, a selection of Featured Listings will appear on the front page of the website, rotating every month.

Selecting Multiple Categories

On the submission page just above the ‘Category’ dropdown is a text link marked ‘+ Category’ – click on this to add to more categories. This only applies to the ‘Four Category’ Listing Packages.

Listing Your Business

The submission form is fairly straightforward, if you have an problems styling the HTML with the page tools please feel free to get in touch after you have submitted everything [ via the contact form ] and we can properly style your entry from the admin side.

Once you have submitted and paid for your listing it will be reviewed by us to ensure it is suitable for this directory before going live. This normally only takes a few minutes but in some circumstances can take up to 48 hours. The administration reserve the right to refuse listings if they are deemed unsuitable.


Payment is through the Paypal service, after submitting your listing details you will automatically be transferred to Paypal’s secure server where payment can be made by credit or debit card. You do not require an account with Paypal in order to use their service.


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