A leading provider of Roof Garden systems and substrates


Organisation, Product and Services Overview

Green-tree is a leading provider of Roof Garden systems and substrates.

It is part of the UK’s leading landscape supplier, Green-tech.

Green-tree roof garden substrate is an established growing media within the Green-tree family of products.

A blend of lightweight aggregate and award-winning topsoil, the intensive substrate is ideal for green roof construction projects, particularly containerised planting. With good levels of fertility, good water holding properties and excellent aeration properties. Green-tree roof garden intensive substrate guarantees healthy plants and trees in a roof garden environment.

Green-tree roof garden extensive substrate is ideal for incorporation into expansive green roof projects that require very little maintenance. A proven growing media that is lightweight in texture, the extensive substrate is rich in nutrients, has controlled fertility levels, good aeration and water holding properties and is simple to work with. It ensures quick plant establishment in harsh rooftop environments.

With multiple soil production sites throughout the UK delivery a constant and consistent supply can be expected.

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